Tasha A. F. Lemley is the founder of Nashville, Tennessee social enterprises Chai Wallah, LLC, and The Contributor street newspaper.

She has experience as a homeless outreach worker and spent years photographing and interviewing people who live on the streets. Most recently, she's a freelance audio producer and wants to continue telling the stories she hears. She's the executive producer of The Mr. Mysterio Podcast—an episodic narrative podcast.

She's looking for the answers we have for each other and those we can find together. The more she gets outside of the familiar, the more she learns about herself and healing outside the comfort.

All photos and interviews © 2006-2019. Please do not use or reproduce.

Thanks go out to all of these individuals for their openness, kindness and trust.

For more information, you can reach the photographer at info@sanshouses.com
and learn more about her professional work at LinkedIn.